When passes the Moscow film festival 2012

When passes the Moscow film festival 2012

The Moscow international film festival originates at the time of the USSR — it exists since 1935. The film festival will be accredited by the International federation of associations of film producers. Usually passes at the end of June and ten days last. After the Venetian film festival, it is the second oldest world film festival.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "When Passes the Moscow Film Festival 2012" As there took place opening of MMKF How to get on the Moscow international film festival in Moscow As will pass MMKF 2012 XXXIV the Moscow international film festival will take place in Moscow from June 21 to June 30, 2012. The opening ceremony and closings, as well as all last years, it is planned to carry out in the cinema and concert Pushkin hall. At Hudozhestvenny and Oktyabr movie theaters other festival pictures will be shown.

Within the Cannes Film Festival of this year on May 28 there took place the press conference which was devoted to the Moscow film festival. On it certain participants of the main competition were declared: "The last fairy tale of Rita", director Renata Litvinova; "Door", director Ishtvan Sabo; "Magnificence presence", director Ferzan Ezpetek, and also new pictures Valdemar Kshistek and Aka Loukhimiyes.

In total competitive program will contain sixteen works from the different countries of the world. As it was told above, Russia will be represented by Renata Litvinova, recently it became known that Andrey Proshkin who will show the epic picture "Horde" will join it.

Out-of-competition program of Pyotr Shepotinnik "8?" will be "The kingdom of the full moon" which opened the Cannes Film Festival recently will begin display of the comedy of Wes Anderson. This program will also contain other pictures shown in Cannes this year and the separate movies which proved at other international festivals.

In connection with century of the Universal company within a retrospective the brightest pictures of studio, including Alfred Hitchcock's "Bird" will be shown. Also Ernst Lyubich's movies, the director's retrospective Yunfanya from Hong Kong under the name "Soul Paints" will be shown; within a year of Germany in Russia ten Russian film critics chose ten representative German movies of different decades.

The 49 places program will show "strange and unusual", experimental movies for judges of cinema.