How to prepare potato zrazas with fish forcemeat

How to prepare potato zrazas with fish forcemeat
How to prepare potato zrazas with fish forcemeat

Zrazas - a dish, entering into kitchens of many people of the world. They can be meat or vegetable. Options of stuffings for them are diverse. Prepare potato zrazas with a fish stuffing.

The preparation time of 20 minutes is required to you the Recipe No. 1: 7 large potatoes; 3 eggs; 100 g of boiled fish; 2 bulbs; 3 tbsps of breadcrumbs; 3 tbsps of margarine; salt; black ground pepper. Recipe No. 2: 700 g of potatoes; 1 glass of semolina; 7 eggs; 0,5 tsps of soda; vinegar; 500 g of fillet of sea fish; 2 bulbs; 200 g of margarine; 1,5 glasses of breadcrumbs. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on a subject "How to prepare potato zrazas with fish forcemeat" How to prepare tasty fish cutlets How to prepare forcemeat dishes How to cook zrazas


Recipe No. 1
Peel potatoes, well wash out it and boil to readiness in the added some salt water. Merge water, and take a pan over fire within 1-2 minutes, drying potatoes. Then prepare mashed potatoes by means of a tolkushka or the blender, cool it and mix with 2 eggs.

Prepare a stuffing. Small cut boiled fish. Peel onions, crush and fry to readiness. Boil 1 egg, peel it and small chop. Mix fish, onions and eggs. Salt a stuffing and season it with black ground pepper to taste.

Take a piece of potato dough of the size of large egg. On a palm make a flat cake, put on it a stuffing and form zraza so that the stuffing appeared inside.

Fill crackers on a flat plate. Bread in them zrazas and fry in the kindled margarine before emergence of a golden crust.

Put zrazas on a plate, water them with the kindled butter, strew with the crushed greens and give with a garnish from fresh or tinned vegetables.

Recipe No. 2
Pass boiled potato via the meat grinder. Add to it semolina, 4 crude eggs and everything carefully mix. Vsypte soda, extinguished vinegar, and well knead potatoes. Slightly add some salt to it.

Prepare fish forcemeat. For this purpose boil fish fillet in a small amount of water. Pass it via the meat grinder and mix with the crushed fried onions.

Form zrazas. Shake up 3 eggs in deep ware. Moisten zrazas in egg from all directions and bread in crackers. Fry zrazas in the kindled margarine before emergence of a ruddy crust.

Serve potato zrazas with fish forcemeat, having strewed them with the crushed greens.