How to make a press

How to make a press

If you want to make a press tightened, without excess flabby skin, be engaged in fitness, namely, an extension. Unlike a smooth streyching, active and even slightly aggressive kallanetik will help your press quicker. To you rather periodically to carry out a described below set for some time, and your press will be ideal.

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The active set consists from:

Twisting – 20-50 times;
"Frog" pullings up on a bench – 20-50 times;
The return twisting – 20-50 times;
Twisting kallanetik – 1/100.

Remember that between exercises it is impossible to have a rest. Only after you execute twisting kallanetik, can have a rest minute.


Now it is detailed:

Twisting needs to be carried out, lying on a back. Feet have to be bent, feet need to be put on a floor. Stretch hands forward, having torn off shoulders from a floor. Watch breath: inhale in a prone position, in the top situation exhale. People often make a mistake when performing twisting, straining instead of press muscles cervical muscles. Have it in a look and do not wave the head backwards-forward.


Frog pullings up carry out on a bench or a bed. Sit down on edge of a bench or bed, lay down on a back, stuff up hands for the head. Now tighten to a foot stomach, bent in knees. Then straighten a trunk in a string and again tighten feet. Knees can be held together, and it is possible and to part. By means of this exercise muscles of an abdominal tension are fulfilled.


On turn return twisting. They are carried out lying on a back, having put hands along a trunk on a floor, having lifted and having bent feet. It is possible to complicate exercise if to raise feet up and to keep in such situation. Raise a basin as if you want to get up in a rack on shovels from a floor, but it is not really high. Hands have to lie on a floor, try not to lean on them. Not to a podmakhivayta feet to help to raise a basin. It needs to be lifted only at the expense of tension of muscles of an abdominal tension.


Twisting kallanetik. These are the same usual twisting. Only unlike usual, twisting kallanetik becomes in a statics. For example, designation 1/100 means that it is necessary to execute one reception, holding a body in the top point within 100 seconds.