As there takes place training of the scout

As there takes place training of the scout

Investigation attracts in the ranks of the people dreaming of danger and adventures. However it is not enough one aspiration, it is necessary to be able to concentrate, correctly to distribute the forces and accurately the nobility of the rule of work. Training takes place on the certain system including the list of obligatory subjects and skills which will help with prospecting activity.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "As There Takes Place Training of the Scout" How to make the program of training in dances for beginners How to overcome poor progress at school That such a profession Training of the scout begins with basic preparation. First of all it is necessary to acquire the theory carefully. It is worth paying attention to all specifications which are allocated by the teacher. Alternating occupations in a class to tactical actions in the territory of technical training, loading gradually increases. However it helps future scout to compare the gained knowledge with practical skills. In parallel with tactical preparation pass departures on shooting ranges.

The great value is attached to physical training of scouts. Originally the soldier has to learn to pass long distances in any weather and at full equipment, getting used it is rational to use the forces. Time for training in hand-to-hand fight, camouflage actions, mine works and overcoming of obstacles of different complexity is allocated. Separate article of training movement training on all fours as this skill is most important for the person occupied with investigation is considered.

Skills of topography, ways of a survival in extreme conditions, engineer business and a sledopytstvo are carefully studied. After development of these basic subjects of prospecting preparation, teachers in detail train in radio communication science, an encryption and various methods of interrogation.

After receiving the main idea of work of investigation, soldiers are sent in camp or the wood in order that, having created certain conditions, to check the level of training of each of them. In the district ambushes will be organized, soldiers are given tasks on supervision, actions in the back of the opponent, shadowing and to creation of district maps.

Having ended basic preparation, scouts are divided into groups and train them in that better turns out at each of them. As a result divers, pathfinders, operators, snipers and demolition men turn out. It is heavy to scout to become the universal expert therefore it is expedient to entrust it a suitable kind of activity.

The scout has to know foreign languages and all types of arms of the opponent. Such knowledge or is not given in general during training, or is provided in small volume. Therefore it is necessary for the person wishing to work in this branch carefully prepares most in these directions.