How to redeem an attic

How to redeem an attic

Whatever area there was an apartment, the place is always not enough. There is a wish to add a little space. It is possible to achieve it re-planning that not always perhaps and costs rather much. And it is possible to buy simply an attic if you live on the top floor.

It is required to you

- consent of all residents to repayment/rent of a garret;
- all documents on a structure;
- the right the establishing documents on the living space;
- technical documentation on property.

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To attach an attic to the apartment it is necessary to achieve receiving a consent to rent or free use by an attic / its part from meeting of owners of housing, ZhSK or condominium. Such consent to receive is rather problematic as surely there will be those who will refuse from the principle.


When the consent of residents is received, sign the lease contract of an attic / its parts, surely carry out the state registration of the contract. Procedure of registration can be followed by standing in long turns - stock up with patience.


After registration of the lease contract be engaged in carrying out a reorganization of an attic. The long-awaited moment came. However it not the last that you should make.


Invite the worker of BTI for survey and obtaining the act of the carried-out reorganization. Here again will face infinite turns. But, as we know, the end justifies the means.


Following stage: modification of technical and other documentation. It is necessary to make changes to all documents on housing therefore it is necessary to run about much. Try to keep all documents around that at the right time they appeared near at hand.


After modification of technical documentation, make changes to the lease contract, register them.


If you do not want to rent the garret areas, to redeem in property also perhaps, only this process more labor-consuming and expensive. Achieve unanimous decision all owners of premises on carrying out reconstruction.


Get permission to reconstruction.


Carry out SMR and put results of reconstruction into operation. And immediately make changes to documentation, like earlier considered option with rent. Upon completion of modification transfer of the mansard room to the owner and registration of the property right to this mansard room follows.