How to issue the form of the letter

How to issue the form of the letter

For registration of forms of documents of the organizations and enterprises there are certain rules. More strict requirements are imposed to documentation of public institutions. If you need to issue the form of the letter of the enterprise, can not calculate the size of fields in millimeters and verify on a ruler situation on the page of a logo or other elements. It is rather simple to adhere to the standard style of business documents.

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In the top part of the page place information on the enterprise. Specify an organizational and legal form, a company name, identification number of the taxpayer, an emblem of the enterprise or the trademark. Information will be how full, to solve to you, but watch that the top part of the document with requisites did not take too much place on the page.

It is best of all to issue invariable part of the form of the letter in the top headline. At input of the new text or editing already ready document of change do not mention headlines therefore it is possible not to worry about that lines and a logo of the enterprise will move or will disappear. To pass into the mode of editing a headline in the document Microsoft Office Word, click with twice left button of a mouse in the top field of the document or use tools from the section "Headlines" on the Insert tab.

Below requisites of the enterprise in the left corner of the form of the letter the field for registration number and date of creation of the document settles down. It is made out with reductions by "Ref. No. X from on January XX of the XXXX". A line "to Vkh. No. X of January XX of the XXXX" is filled when you respond to someone's letter having own registration number. This line, in principle, can be absent in the document.

The right part of the document under requisites of the enterprise and on the contrary fields with number and date of the letter is intended for introduction of information on the addressee. Specify the name of the organization to which the letter, a position and a name of the person to whom the letter is directed goes. All necessary data are specified in a dative case (to whom? to the director).

Below on the center of the page the address to the addressee is placed (in a polite form and on a name and a middle name) or the type of the document is specified (the offer, the statement, the reference, inquiry, the demand and so on). The main text is justified on page width, each new paragraph is made out by a space.

The position of the person which made the document is specified after the main text in the left part of the document. Its surname and initials have to be located in the same line, but already in the right part of the document. In the center there will be a signature. Existence of the lower headline remains also on your discretion. The lower headline can contain information which did not enter the top headline, for example, bank details of the enterprise.