How to take blood

How to take blood

Blood is taken usually in hospitals, it is impossible to make this analysis in house conditions. The blood test becomes by means of special reactants, microscopes and a large number of other adaptations. Blood test undertakes for diagnostics of the general condition of the person and detection of possible infections. There are two main ways of blood sampling.

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Blood from a vein.
The analysis undertakes on a hungry stomach, mainly in the morning. Since evening it is desirable not to eat fat, fried and salty.
Before taking blood, the hand above an elbow is drawn a plait.
Then it is necessary to squeeze a hand in a fist, then to unclench.
That area into which the syringe will be entered, process the cotton wool moistened in alcohol.
As soon as veins become well visible, accurately enter a needle.
Blood is taken slowly, differently it can become bad. Attacks of nausea and dizziness are in rare instances possible.
If it is necessary to take a lot of blood, the syringe is disconnected from a needle, merge blood in a test tube. Again insert a syringe into a needle and continue a fence.
After an analysis capture, put the cotton wool moistened in alcohol and strong bend an elbow.


Blood from a finger.
Undertakes on a hungry stomach.
Before delivery of the analysis, the finger is massed slightly, then processed alcohol.
By means of a special metal feather the finger is pierced.
If blood goes well, there is no need to squeeze a finger small pillow. Collecting blood is made a glass tubule which the rubber pear is put on.
In case blood goes badly and squeezing of a small pillow does not help, a finger pierce repeatedly (usually another) and continue sampling of tests.