How to prepare cutlets with egg in Ossetian?

How to prepare cutlets with egg in Ossetian?
Original and very nourishing cutlets can be prepared according to the offered recipe.


Ground beef – five hundred grams;
Eggs boiled – five pieces;
White loaf – one slice;
Eggs for forcemeat – two pieces;
Onions – one head;
Pepper ground, salt;
Parsley (greens).

For filling preparation:

Flour – one tablespoon;
Butter – hundred grams;
Tomatoes – seven hundred grams.

Preparation process:

It is necessary to make forcemeat, it is good to beat off it. Then to add small crumbled bulb or to process it. Also it is necessary to hammer eggs, to mix, add the roll soaked in milk. To Vymeshat forcemeat, it is good to beat off it and to leave approximately for an hour in the refrigerator.

To boil eggs after that to clear and cut on two parts.

To make balls of forcemeat, then to flatten out them, to shift in a stewpan, then to make deepening and to put egg in it protein up.

Separately to make filling, for this purpose oil it is necessary to dismiss and add to it a flour, to mix, there to put polished tomatoes, everything is good to vent, prisolit and pepper, add bay leaf. To fill in cutlets.
After that to close a stewpan a cover and to put in the furnace on minutes forty, temperature has to be – hundred eighty degrees.