How to adjust a vozdushka sight

How to adjust a vozdushka sight

Secret of accuracy of the shooter not only in skill and special intuition, but also in correctness and the accuracy of control of a sight. Professionals level a sight quickly, and here beginners should work, as a rule.

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The main thing in control of a sight is an exposure it on level. It is good if there is a special bed equipped with vesiculate levels. Fix a rifle in it and at distance hang up a plumb. Establish a rifle in balance on bubbles. Look in optics – you have to see aim brand concerning a plumb. If the vertical line of aim brand is nonparallel to a string of a plumb, the sight is filled up to the left or to the right. It is impossible to leave so because then when firing on different distances of a bullet will deviate in the parties.

Level vertical penek aim brand so that it was parallel to a thread or a rope of a plumb. For this purpose weaken collars which pull together arms, and start rotating a riflescope until the thread of a plumb and the vertical line of aim brand do not become parallel. Surely thus it is necessary to glance at-level bubbles because level can be brought down absolutely incidentally. When the provision of a sight is adjusted, again pull screws of collars. Now the sight is correctly exposed on level.

When you exposed a sight on level and took a rifle in hand, you can mistakenly define that concerning a rifle the sight costs crookedly. Anything terrible, simply directing for optics there are roughly otfrezerovana. The main thing – the provision of a plumb of rather aim brand about what it is told above. So it is not necessary to expose a sight approximately concerning arms. Otherwise bullets will deviate in the parties.

Happens that near at hand the bed with-level bubbles is not present. Take a strong kapron cord which will not tear under rifle weight, and the same plumb. Make a loop of a cord and fasten a riflescope.

Fasten other end of a cord for any emphasis. In a word, suspend a rifle horizontally. Let it will be counterbalanced in the vertical plane. Here it is important that the loop held a sight for the rifle center of gravity. Let the rifle peck a little down or slightly lifts up a trunk, but it has to hang in the vertical plane.

Now expose the vertical line of aim brand parallel to a plumb thread. Weaken screws of collars and tighten gradually, alternately, on one-two turns, but not at once at first one, then another. It is so possible to warp. From one arm pass to another, will not tighten correctly everything yet.