What is the generators

What is the generators

The concept "generator" is extremely many-sided. In various areas of science and equipment the different sense is put in it. Therefore that such generators, it is possible to speak only in the context of a certain subject domain.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "What Is the Generators" That such object That such time in philosophy That such social action In a broad sense are understood as generators any mechanical, electric and electronic devices, cars and devices making any products (substances or energy) with the set characteristics. In various spheres of science, and also technical and industrial areas there are settled concepts of the term "generator".

In chemical, and also some other areas of the industry the devices making gases are often used. For example, generator of hydrogen or acetylene generator. The machines transforming substances to certain aggregate states also often are called as generators. For example, steam generator or ice generator.

In theoretical physics there are concepts about the abstract devices with ideal properties called by sources or generators. For example, it is the generator of a direct current (the current created by it does not depend on loading resistance), the generator of tension (EMF), the generator of alternating current with the set amplitude and frequency.

In power generators call the real machines and units making electric energy. Treat them as generators variable (from bicycle or automobile to Paro - gazo-or water-wheel generators at power plants), and constant (galvanic cells, Faraday's disk, magnetohydrodynamic generators) current.

In radio electronics generators of signals are used generally. They are necessary for receiving currents of various characteristics (amplitude, frequency, phase) and electric forms in equipment chains. There is a set of standard schemes of various generators (one - and multivibrators, generators of sinusoidal fluctuations, blocking oscillators, etc.).

In programming the generator is understood as the program or its part (a class with a set of methods, procedure, function) creating data sets with the necessary characteristics. For example, generator of pseudorandom numbers or program generator of documentation (such as Doxygen).