How to adjust a toolbar

How to adjust a toolbar

In one not really fine day you understand that the program, and is worse than that – system, it is time to reinstall. Having implemented all necessary recommendations, you finish this difficult business. But there is more to come – serious work on restoration of the user settings is necessary.

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By default at installation of the program the panel of the tool is filled not in the most optimum way. It is impossible to consider needs of each user. On the example of several programs we will consider how to change it and to adjust under ourselves.

First of all, we will make convenient work on the Internet. Depending on the used browser, the operations procedure can differ. However, having understood the general principle, you will easily cope with an objective.

Open the browser and attentively consider the available toolbar. Define, what icons on it superfluous what lacks. After that go to the menu "look", "toolbar" - "control".
The window containing a large number of "icons" will open. When targeting by a mouse on any, you can read in the emerging help, what action it designates.

Press the chosen badge the left key of a mouse and, without releasing, drag it on the necessary panel. We release a mouse only when on a badge fat vertical line is designated on the right (defines an icon position on the panel). If the place suits you, we release the mouse button – operation of movement is complete.

To remove an unnecessary badge from a toolbar, similarly come into the control menu (the window with "icons" has to open). Guide the cursor at an unnecessary badge, zazhimit the left key of a mouse and, without releasing, drag it upside-down. After the button is released, the badge will disappear from a toolbar.


In the lower part of the control window it is possible to choose a type of a badge (only the picture, the picture with the text, only the text). By default – only the picture.

In the same place there is a key for creation of the user panel. Having created it, fill with necessary "icons" as it was stated above. After completion of all actions press a key "is ready".

If in your browser in the look menu there is no toolbar point, look in other place. It is possible to right-click simply on a toolbar, to choose in a context menu – to adjust. Perhaps, the type of a window will be other. It can consist of two parts. At the left those badges which you can establish, on the right – established. By means of the keys "add", "remove" move badges from one part of a window to another. Keep settings.


Similarly adjust a toolbar in all other programs. So, for example, you will easily and simply make the convenient panel for work in Word or Exel. There control function also is in the look menu.


If after reinstallation of system you see a pure desktop, be not afflicted. For placement on it habitual badges ("my computer"...) it is necessary to click in any its part right mouse button and to pass in the section "properties". There to choose "desktop", further "control of a desktop". Put ticks in the corresponding points.