How chicken schnitzel prepares?

How chicken schnitzel prepares?
From chicken breasts it is possible many tasty to prepare that, I offer the recipe of preparation of schnitzel chicken. For one we will prepare and syrno - creamy sauce, it very well approaches schnitzel.

Will be required: couple of chicken breasts (it is desirable not visited a freezing), salt, breadcrumbs, milk, hot pepper, allspice. And for sauce - cream house (store are good, but fresh), cheese (the gorganzolla is ideally suited).

Chicken breasts need to be washed out and to cut lengthways. Thin preparations for schnitzel will turn out. Milk is necessary for us for soaking of meat, we lower slices of meat in cold milk and we keep them in milk a floor of hour. Then we take out and it is sensitive it is washed out.

We salt also pepper it is seasoned our schnitzels, in crackers we roll and we fry on a frying pan. It is desirable to take oil refined sunflower (or corn).
We shift fried meat to a dish.

Now sauce: we pour in cream in a kastryulka (one glass) and we heat. Either we break cheese, or we cut it (is rubbed) and also we heat in cream. It is possible to add greens to sauce (crushed). As soon as our sauce begins to boil - we switch off fire. The consistence has to be cream figurative.
We sauce chicken schnitzel.

The pleasant!