How to fill Xerox Phaser cartridges

How to fill Xerox Phaser cartridges

The cost of an original cartridge of Xerox Phaser is rather high. If you often use the printer, every month you should buy a cartridge. It is possible to use, of course, and not original, but thus quality of the press can suffer. Though it is possible to find other way out of this situation: to learn to fill cartridges independently. Finally, you will gain useful skill which will help to save considerable funds.

It is required to you

- printer;
- cartridge of Xerox Phaser 3100;
- toner.

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Further process of gas station of a cartridge on the example of the Xerox Phaser 3100 model will be considered. Before starting its gas station, you need to get a toner. It should be notedIt should be noted that the toner is better to take more expensive, for example, to Xerox 3220 or Samsung 1210. These brands are much more qualitative in comparison with the cheaper analogs. And, of course, quality of the press will be better.

Now you need to prepare a workplace. To clear a surface of a toner quite difficult therefore it is necessary to prevent its hit on a surface of carpets or other coverings. It is also necessary to watch that indoors there were no drafts so windows should be closed. The slightest breeze can carry a toner on all room. Carry out gas station in old clothes. It is necessary to work with a toner extremely accurately, avoiding its hit in eyes and airways.

Take a cartridge from the printer. Study a cartridge. From each its party there is a bolt. Turn off these bolts. The compartment with a toner is fixed by two pins. Take these pins from a cartridge. After that take a compartment with the fulfilled toner.

Now pay attention to a photodrum axis. Press on this axis, as if pushing it inside. Thus take a photodrum, and also a charge roller to clean them. The charge roller at first needs to be washed out then accurately to wipe.

Now throw out the fulfilled toner from a compartment. Then install the photoreel into place. As you will see, access to a compartment stopper where it is necessary to fill up a toner, gears limit. Remove them. After that you get access to a stopper. Pull out it. Fill up about 80 grams of a toner in a compartment and close a stopper a compartment. Further simply collect a cartridge back and insert it into the printer. For quality check of the press can print out the test page.