How to be pleasant to people

How to be pleasant to people
Quite often we appear in a situation when we need to make impression on people around. The first appointment, interview to the chief at revenues to work, acquaintance to friends or relatives of your soulmate, conversation with business partners – this list it is possible to continue infinitely. Sometimes with new people under circumstances, unusual for us, we start behaving unnaturally, diffidently, we speak superfluous or, on the contrary, we cannot squeeze out from ourselves the word. We offer a little simple, but in too time of irreplaceable councils which will help you to make positive impression and to feel "in the plate" in any situations.
Clothes count for first impressions Popular wisdom says truth. Remember, appearance – one of the most important criteria at the initial stage. Your image has to correspond to a situation, the clothes have to be pure and tidy. If the meeting is planned, think over in advance to the smallest details to what you will go. It is not necessary "to overload" the image with excessive accessories and the sparkling jewelry as they will distract attention of the interlocutor. Do not use too bright color scale in clothes and do not abuse a make-up. Otherwise some can count you defiant and will not decide to start talking without special need to you. Do not put on vulgarly or too frankly. Short skirts, deep cuts in the field of a decollete, an open back will also be not pertinent. Believe, the interlocutor and so will be able to estimate all merits and demerits of your figure. Otherwise you risk to become a subject of discussion, as from men, and women. For the first you will be a desire subject, for the second – envy. Therefore do not give excess reasons subjects, another.
Men have to reflect on the appearance not less, than women. Before an important meeting or action it is worth shaving if, of course, moustaches and a beard are not part of your image. The excessive vegetation on a face will tell about your slovenliness. The clothes have to be well-groomed and ideally ironed. It is worth paying attention to the socks. They can be only monophonic, without strips and drawings. Color of socks has to coincide with color of trousers. Many people pay special attention to footwear. Therefore take care of that it was pure and would not look too worn. One of the main accessories at men is the belt. On color the belt has to coincide with color of boots. The buckle on a belt should not be huge as in this case it will draw attention of interlocutors, and you will be perplexed why people look to you in groin area. To avoid such incidents, try to choose not too wide and not too tight belt. And the main thing that it was not drawn and did not collect on you trousers in folds.
Than the body smells Smells also have huge value for creation of a positive image.
First of all take care of a pleasant smell from a mouth. Try before important action not to eat products which "will help" you to exhale a fetid smell subsequently. If there is an opportunity, clean teeth shortly before the beginning of a meeting or chew some minutes a cud.
Now about a body smell. For human sense of smell the smell of purity and freshness, and also pleasant perfume aromas, eau de toilette, deodorants are attractive. We advise readers Mirsovetov to choose the first option. Take a shower before an exit. After all hardly in the modern world will be though one person who does not accept fresh natural smells. If nevertheless you cannot leave the house, without having sprinkled on yourself a droplet of favourite spirits, remember that here the main thing not to overdo. Most likely, there will be those to whom your smell will not be pleasant. And, as a rule, such person will be able to stay in your society not for long. If you go too far in a smell, let it will be three times pleasant to sense of smell of your interlocutors, very few people will risk to approach you closer, than on couple of meters. For certain and you at least once in life in public places met people who, as they say, poured out on themselves a half-bottle of perfume. Remember the unpleasant feelings from stay near this person and try not to appear in a similar situation at all.
The smile – cheerfulness of heart the Smile always gains people. You become charming, attractive and seductive. Your friendly look as if speaks to the interlocutor: "You very much are pleasant to me" or "As I am glad you to see". The smiling people always cause approval in people around and create a positive image. Even if you feel is held down and uncertainly, think of something good and try to smile unostentatiously, and will see how at once it will become easier for you. But remember: the smile has to be sincere. The false, affected smile instantly will give out you. Let's strike an attitude Language of a body can tell the person a lot of things about you. Pay attention to yours a pose, a bearing, a mimicry and gestures. The back has to be direct and equal, stoop will give out in you uncertainty and shyness. Excessive gesticulation or a mimicry will distract attention of the interlocutor or even to irritate. Sometimes for excitement some unconsciously start reeling up a ringlet of hair on a finger or to finger improvised subjects: handbag, napkin, handle, scarf, etc. Control it and do not allow emotions to get the best of you. Do not become in the closed poses. They at the subconscious level say to the interlocutor that you do not wish to communicate or show the insincerity. Treat the closed poses: the hands crossed on a breast, a pose "a foot on a foot", weaved a foot or an anklebone, hands "in the lock". Subjects which you hold before yourself can create also additional barrier: handbag, booklet, umbrella, folder or papers. In this case your interlocutor can consider that you take great pain to evade from conversation.
About red speeches and the kind word Speech has to be correct, competent, without negative and ironical words and emotions. Do not dare to speak much, differently you risk to tire the interlocutor. But also do not keep silent as the impression can be made that the topic of conversation is not interesting to you at all. Try to assume in advance, what questions can be addressed in your party, and think over as as you will speak. If it is possible, think up some questions which you will be able to set to the interlocutor, or improvise on the conversation course. Anyway, if you ask pertinent questions, you show the interest. Readers Mirsovetov should remember that for you – to speak the most important with interlocutors one language. Practically it is necessary to prepare for any meeting: to find the necessary information in the Internet, to read the press, to ask acquaintances on those questions who will be discussed. Remember, it is important to you to come into contacts. And the most right way to it is first of all to say that interests your interlocutors, but not you.
The sense of humour is always welcomed but before "otmochit" any joke, think, whether it will be correctly apprehended and all will estimate it. Try to look in the face to the participant of conversation, often and for a long time do not look away, do not study the interlocutor eyes from head to foot and do not look "through" it. The roving glance among your listeners has to be a signal that you tired all and it would be time for you "to be rounded". Be able not only speak, but also to listen. Try to show that you are attentive and susceptible to that speak to you. Do not interrupt even if the speech of the interlocutor fairly bothered you. To gain the participant of conversation and to gain his trust, try to state a compliment. But do it only in case you are sure that your compliment will not be apprehended as lie or subservience. Try not to give anybody characteristics, not to discuss mutual friends even if you intend to give a positive assessment. After all with the same ease you can speak of someone and is negative. And the reputation of the gossip is not necessary to you.
Dale Carnegie's councils Besides ability to look good and beautifully to speak, also the psychological component is important. Happens so that the person is beautifully dressed, does not say scurrilous things and platitudes, and all the same something us pushes away. And sometimes we cannot even understand, what exactly. The well-known American psychologist Dale Carnegie allocated some more simple rules which observance will help you to be pleasant to people. One of them says: "Sincerely be interested in other people". Often we got used to speak only about ourselves, about the work and about the problems. Correct would be just the opposite – to listen to the interlocutor, to give him the chance to express, show the interest to about what he speaks. To be the good listener in some situations where it is more important, than to be able beautifully to speak. All this will help you to gain the interlocutor, to build with him the confidential relations. Most likely, after that the person with whom you conduct direct or business talk, will be much more interested in the solution of your questions.
Deyl Carnegie said that "the name of the person is the most delightful and the most important for it a sound in any language". It appears, practically any of us attaches huge significance to the name. Therefore in conversation it is better to call the person by name. Thereby you as if encourage the interlocutor, do him a compliment, summon goodwill from its party. But keep in mind that it is worth addressing to the person by name only in that case when you for certain remember, what is his name. If you address to the interlocutor, having mispronounced his name or having at all mixed with a name of other person, you risk to get to awkward situation. And such, apparently, trifle will be able to expose you in bad light.
One more rule of Dale Carnegie sounds so: "Inspire in the interlocutor consciousness of its importance and do it sincerely!". For any person important that he was appreciated. All want to hear an appreciation to the actions and acts. Therefore in conversation try to emphasize unostentatiously achievements of the interlocutor, but do not flatter at all. If you conform to this rule, you will be able to strike up without effort useful acquaintances and to get useful contacts.
Rules of "communication with daily occurrence" for all of us the understanding not only surrounding, but also itself first of all is Very important. Sometimes it seems to us that people give us the wrong assessment or not absolutely fairly us treat. Reflect, after all, as they say, the onlooker sees most of the game. And it is possible, often ourselves try to embellish reality. Therefore the first that it is worth knowing: always face the truth. Ability soberly to assess a situation and really everyone needs to see things. Remember, with what share of mistrust all concern the fishermen swinging aside hands and shouting that they hooked "here takuuuy fish!". Therefore try to call things by their proper names and not to embellish the events. Happens such that some situation forces you to be in ignorance about these or those events. Instead of suffering and thinking why all know about the events around, and you do not, we recommend to readers to learn Mirsovetov everything from the informed person, try to make it. If the situation puzzled you with something, be not tormented in guesses, and find out everything frankly. One more rule about which you should not forget, – on the first place at people always own interests. In principle, as well as at you. Therefore never believe in sincerity and integrity of people around. If the person communicates with you, most likely, something from you is necessary for him. If you want to interest the interlocutor, think, than you can help him and that you can offer him. And the last that it is necessary to remember – trust the feelings and feelings. The internal voice very often prompts to us how to arrive, whether it is worth going somewhere and whether it is necessary to listen to this or that person. First of all it is necessary to learn to trust himself and to rely on the intuition, and only then to believe that people around speak to you.

It is not simple to construct the harmonious relations with people always. But if to make every effort to it, it is quite possible. Remember, often your success depends on what impression you will be able to make on people around. Be not fixated on the person, put on modestly and with taste, smile more often, learn to speak accurately and on business, think that to important your interlocutors, really assess a situation, soberly look at surrounding reality and listen to the internal voice. But the main thing – try to be natural and to behave easy, have not complex and be not afraid. Be sure of themselves, and you will be pleasant to people. how to be pleasant, communication, development of the personality, an arrangement of the interlocutor, the interlocutor