How to begin svo small business

How to begin svo small business

Big advantage of our country is that practically any can begin small business. But it can demand hard and persistent work. But it is optional to have a lot of money - you can always begin business practically without the starting capital.

It is required to you

- business plan;
- room;
- license;
- office furniture;
- computer;
- insurance.

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Calculate quantity of means which you are able to afford to use to begin small business. The more at you money, the options for expansion are wider. Consider need of receiving a business loan for local bank. Be convinced that you will have no problems with debts.


Choose type of small business which you want to open. Opportunities are almost boundless. If you want to receive ideas or councils, visit the corresponding sites on the Internet. You can also glance in local library to look for thematic editions.


Investigate the chosen field of activity. Study it completely. Find competitors and look as they do the business. Be not afraid to ask questions. Look for areas in which you can succeed and think out unique ways of conducting your small business.


Construct the general plan of actions. Describe in detail each step which costs between you and an ultimate goal of small business. Do not miss any, even the smallest detail. Creating the plan of action, you can not hurry to increase the list and to execute each new step before to move further. It will allow to make your general task less difficult.


Solve, what structure your business will have. You can register various forms. Choose between the individual entrepreneur, partnership and mini-corporation. Each type of business has the rules and obligations. You can read more detailed information on various business structures in collections of laws for businessmen.


Receive your business license. It is necessary practically for nevsekhkotory kinds of activity. Communication with the local lawyer will help you to define what is necessary the license for the chosen kind of activity. As soon as you receive it, you will be able to start being engaged in your business.