How to remove the increased eyelashes

How to remove the increased eyelashes

The mysterious and inviting look from under smart dense eyelashes – that can be compared to such magic? Probably, the look only shining happiness all from under the same smart dense eyelashes. And this magic is available practically to any woman even if the nature did not present it fluffy and long to eyelashes at the birth, after all it is easy to increase eyelashes presently. More difficult happens to remove the increased eyelashes.

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The best option – to address to salon or to the master who was engaged in building. To make manipulations in house conditions (moreover and it is independent) for many happens to thin eyelashes extremely difficult or simply inconveniently. But in salon this procedure will not take a lot of time and forces, - the master will need only 10-15 minutes to remove the increased eyelashes.


If after all you decided to be engaged in it independently, be careful. Do not pull too strongly or too sharply for the increased eyelashes, especially without preliminary processing of glue by means of which eyelashes fasten by a century. So you risk to remove not only the increased eyelashes, but also to pull out own, having injured thus gentle skin of eyelids.


Get structure (Remover) by means of which saloon procedures on removal of the increased eyelashes are carried out in specialized department. Exactly professional structures best of all are suitable for neutralization of the glue used when building. Be accurate at its use, watch that solution did not get on mucous eyes.


If there is no special professional structure for removal of eyelashes, use fat cream or any vegetable oil. Apply it on the line of growth (and gluings) eyelashes with rather dense layer. Creams and oils need time to destroy structure of glue so do not count on too fast result. It is best of all to apply cream for the night, and to remove eyelashes in the morning. Can put for the night on eyelids the wadded disks moistened in oil. Remove eyelashes very delicately in the morning. Oil or cream (unlike professional solvent) neutralize glue not completely so procedure can be not from pleasant.


Surely treat natural eyelashes after you removed the increased. Use special ink or usual burdock oil.