How to prepare tasty chicken wings

How to prepare tasty chicken wings
How to prepare tasty chicken wings

You plan the big company? Were going to look at a World Cup final on soccer? When all traditional snack accepted in such cases bothers try to prepare chicken wings. The pleasure is guaranteed!

The preparation time of 22 minutes is required to you chicken wings - 1,5 kg onion – 2 average heads vinegar or 1 whole lemon water pepper ground black and red salt bell pepper For sauce: 20% cream – 200 ml cheese with a blue mold – 30 g garlic – 1 clove salt the Sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Prepare Tasty Chicken Wings" How to prepare chicken wings in honey How to prepare the crackling wings How to cook chicken wings



Take chicken wings. If to you carries, buy wings without the last phalanx. If - no, cut off it. Divide the remained wing into 2 parts in a junction of bones and put everything in a deep pan.


To add to wings a piquancy, it is possible to pickle them in vinegar. For this purpose take vinegar with water in the ratio one to three. On a half-glass of vinegar one and a half glasses of water. Add the onions cut by half rings, bell pepper and bay leaf. Of course, do not forget about salt and ground pepper. Besides black, it is possible to add and red that was more sharply. Fill in with marinade wings, mix and leave for 2 hours. If you have no time, fill in for 10-15 minutes wings with juice of one lemon. It will turn out too not bad.


In order that the dish became crackling, it is best of all to use a deep fryer. But you will meet her not in each house, alternative to this unit an ordinary frying pan. Pour in it a large amount of vegetable oil. Heat to high temperature and lay out wings in a frying pan. Be careful, oil will be on all kitchen, including on you therefore stock up with an apron, tacks and patience. After one party of wings becomes covered by a golden crust, turn them and close a cover. That the dish prepared quicker, it is possible to take a cover, smaller on diameter, than a frying pan. To put on a frying pan and from above to press something heavy.


While the dish is fried, prepare for it sauce. For this purpose cut cheese with a blue mold on small slices, squeeze out garlic, mix in a pan and postpone for time. Put a small frying pan on average fire and pour in it cream. When cream starts boiling, add to them the crushed cheese with garlic and stir slowly until cheese is not dissolved and sauce will not thicken. Add salt and a feather. Pour sauce in a sousnitsa and leave to be cooled.


Lay out ready wings on a dish and give with blue cheese sauce. The garnish to them is, as a rule, not necessary. There has to be simply good company! Bon appetit!