What is the generator

What is the generator

The word "generator" came from the Latin word generator and "producer" means. In the general concept the generator represents the device, the machine or the device for production of any product, in this case energy transformation. If you still do not know that such the generator, came it is a high time to learn about it in more detail.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "What Is the Generator" How to choose the solar battery How to pick up power plant How to check serviceability of the generator the Generator is a peculiar unit which is intended for food by electricity of devices of the car and loading of the accumulator during the operation of the engine on averages and big turns. The generator is switched on in a network parallel to the car accumulator therefore to carry out charging and it will only feed devices in case its tension is higher, than at the accumulator.

This process happens if the engine works at not single turns as tension of current which develops the generator, completely depends on the speed of rotation of a rotor. With the increased frequency of rotation of a rotor, tension is capable to exceed the demanded. Therefore the generator has to work together with tension regulator which supports him within 13,5-14,2 Volta. Depending on make of the car, the generator is installed in the case or separately.

The principle of operation of generators is based on the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. When in the conductor EMF is induced, the conductor moves in a zone of a magnetic field at this time, crosses power lines. Therefore the conductor can be considered as a source of electric energy. Such method of obtaining EMF at which the conductor moves in a magnetic field, falls down or rises up, is insufficiently convenient at its application. In the device of the generator not the rectilinear movement of the conductor, but rather rotary that is much more effective is used.

The constructional scheme of the generator generally consists of system of the magnets or electromagnets creating systems of conductors which cross a magnetic field. Industrial and household generators can differ significantly from each other. Therefore further not to face problems and expenses for their elimination, it is recommended to examine technical characteristics and features of different types of generators more carefully.