How to prepare an omelet with marrow rolls?

How to prepare an omelet with marrow rolls?
Such gentle and simply remarkably tasty and besides unusual retseptik an interesting omelet it is quite capable to diversify your habitual menu and will become very quite good alternative to habitual fried eggs or a simple omelet as a nourishing and nutritious breakfast. Well and, besides, the dish it very much is suitable for preparation right now when vegetable marrows still are quite available product.

To prepare this dish for you the following set of ingredients will be required: one young vegetable marrow of the average size, five pieces of sausages, six eggs, nine tablespoons of cream of average fat content, salt and black ground pepper to taste, grated cheese, and also fresh greens of parsley for decoration of ready omletik and small deep formochka for their preparation.

The vegetable marrow needs to be washed up carefully and dry to wipe, and then to cut it on quite thin longitudinal slices which it is necessary to salt and leave slightly for some time (for about 15-20 minutes).
Sausages need to be cut on slices then to wrap up each of them a slice of a vegetable marrow and the turned-out rolls to lay out in deep heat resisting formochka, on two features.
To prepare a basis for an omelet from mixed and properly the shaken-up eggs, with cream and spices to taste and to fill in the received weight in formochka having filled in with it rolls from vegetable marrows and sausages.
It is necessary to prepare omletik in the oven warmed to 220 degrees during about half an hour, and in 10 minutes prior to the end of preparation they should be strewed with grated cheese.
To decorate a ready dish with greens and to give hot.