How to expose an ignition corner

How to expose an ignition corner

The ignition advancing corner in the car is defined by an angle of rotation of a cranked shaft from the moment of emergence of a spark on a candle before position of the piston in the top dead point. The corner of ignition gets off because of badly tense chain or scrolling of a belt. For good operation of the engine it is necessary to expose an ignition advancing corner.

It is required to you

Key "on 36", a key "on 13", a screw-driver, a candle key.

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For a start it is necessary to switch-off the minus plug from the accumulator. Then to unscrew a candle from the first cylinder, previously having removed from it a high-voltage wire.


Further by means of a key "on 36" it is necessary to scroll manually a pulley of a cranked shaft before coincidence of a tag on it with top risky on the engine case (it corresponds to a corner of an advancing of ignition of 0 degrees). The tag on a pulley of the crankshaft means finding of the piston of the first cylinder in the top dead point.


After combination of tags it is necessary to check, whether there is a piston of the first cylinder in the top dead point. It becomes by means of a screw-driver (any long thin subject). The screw-driver needs to be thrust into a cylinder opening (where the candle is inserted) if she thus leaves for good superficially, the piston is in the top dead point.


After that it is necessary to uncover the ignition distributor, by means of a key "on 13" to turn off the nut fixing the distributor case. Then to get the ignition distributor so that the runner could rotate freely. Then it is necessary to direct it on contact of the first cylinder (to look on a cover). After that to insert the distributor into place, to close its cover.


Further it is necessary to twirl a candle of the first cylinder and to fix on it contact of a high-voltage wire. To connect back minus plug of the accumulator. After that it is possible to start the car safely.