How to issue the service record at own will

How to issue the service record at own will

At dismissal of the worker at own will the employer is obliged to issue to it the service record properly and to issue it in day of dismissal. The employee needs also to make calculation of all payments relying it. It is necessary to be guided thus by legislative norms.

It is required to you

— documents of the worker;
— service record of the worker;
— documents of the organization;
— labor legislation;
— forms of the relevant documents;
—  letter of resignation of the worker.

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When you received the letter of resignation from the employee, you have no right to refuse to it. As a rule, by legislative norms it is established that the worker has to work two weeks. During this period at any time you can withdraw the application if the worker decided not to leave, and you agree to leave it on the workplace. You also have the right to issue dismissal even in day of writing of the application. For this purpose the consent of the employer and desire of the expert is required.

Sometimes the worker before leaving from a position, wishes otgulyat the main holiday. Such it is possible by the legislation, but on it the employer's consent is required. If you made the positive decision and gave this chance to the dismissed employee, it is necessary to issue the order on providing the annual paid vacation. In the last working day before its beginning you need to make record about dismissal in the service record of the expert. Put serial number, date which has to correspond to the last day of holiday. In data on work make a reference to standard of the labor legislation (dismissal at own will, to the agreement of the parties, the worker's initiative). Surely certify record by the press of the organization, the signature of the responsible person. Also you should acquaint the employee with record about dismissal where he has to put the signature.

In case of dismissal of the worker and the subsequent vacation you have already no application the right to withdraw even if the employee will change the mind. The response is impossible still when there is a transfer of the expert to other organization as between employers the agreement is concluded in advance.

In the statement the worker has to specify date with which he wishes to leave. If it drops out on day off or the holiday (not always employees use a calendar), it is necessary to issue the service record and to give out the relying payments to you in the last working day before the date written in the statement that it is fixed in article 84 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation.