How to change color of eyes to photos

How to change color of eyes to photos

Happens that photos turn out very successful, but all spoil so-called "red eyes". Or you simply want to change color of eyes in a picture. To make it a couple of minutes. And, ways a little.

It is required to you

- Photoshop (Photoshop);
- photo.

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Open a photo necessary to you in Photoshop.


Choose in a toolbar, as a rule, it surely opens together with the program, looks as a long vertical strip – the Lasso panel (Lasso) or "the Magnetic Lasso" (Magnetic Lasso) and accurately lead round a pupil in the photo.


Lead round the second pupil, holding pressed the Shift key (it becomes in order that the first inking did not disappear).


Open the section "Image" (Image) in the top Fayl-Redaktirovaniye … panel. Find there (the second point from above) "Correction" (Adjustment).


Open "Color tone / Saturation" (Hue/Saturation). Also move a romper suit. And on a photo color of eyes will start changing. Choose that will suit you.