How to refuse labor union

How to refuse labor union

In days of the Soviet power labor unions worried the best years. Then in the head came to leave to nobody labor union. If you needed the apartment, a place in kindergarten or the permit in sanatorium – a direct road in labor union for the help. Now, when all these problems are solved by administration, the question – how to refuse membership in labor union arises a social insurance, the size of your purse.

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The trade-union organizations, as a rule, exist in all state companies, such "giants", as the enterprises of automotive industry, JSC RZhD and so forth. At employment there by all means will suggest to enter labor union. To become the member of labor union, it will be necessary to write the application with a request for reception, and also to give the written consent to deduction of membership dues from a salary.

However after some time your view of activity of the trade-union organization can change. Participation in it can cease suit you and there will be quite lawful desire to leave labor union.


For implementation of this decision file in the trade-union organization a petition. It has to be addressed to the chairman of trade-union committee. Enter the name, a surname, a middle name, a position and a place of work. In the statement write about the desire to leave structure of the trade-union organization. Date also the personal signature. Hand the statement to the chairman.

Besides, submit the application to accounts department of the enterprise with a request to stop transfer of membership dues.

Term for consideration of the submitted application – 1 month. If you for any reason need to resolve this issue earlier, specify exact date of an exit and the reason in the statement. It has to be considered to the specified date.

As the labor union – voluntary public organization, any obstacles for an exit from it cannot be (Art. 30 of item 2 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation). However it is necessary to remember that in case of refusal from participation in it you lose protection of your interests by labor union in case of illegal actions from administration (imposing of disciplinary punishment, dismissal, deprivation of an award or decrease in its size).