How to choose a name to the child

How to choose a name to the child

The name choice for the child was always business hard. About it collect family councils, sometimes hot discussions proceed for months. And still sooner or later it is necessary to stop on some option.

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First, the name has to suit all family members in a varying degree. One of spouses, of course, can concede to another if only it did not appear that the chosen name categorically in a family is not pleasant to someone, or generates unpleasant associations. Therefore it is better to exclude undesirable names at once.


Secondly, the name has to be harmonious and be combined with a middle name and a surname. Some combinations in principle badly sound, some are difficult said. It is quite often possible to meet combinations it seems Vladislav Vyacheslavovich or Vadim Vladimirovich.


For the same reason not too be fond of exotic foreign options. Something will sound somewhat oddly it seems Petrova Esmeralda Alekseevna. If nevertheless stopped on an unusual name, think what will be it will be reduced, and whether it will be good to sound.


At a name choice for the boy do not forget that once he will become a father and will give a middle name to the children. Whether estimate harmoniously such middle name and as far as it approaches the majority of widespread names.


Not too listen to councils of family members, except for, of course, spouse. Of course, can take an interest in their opinion, but most likely something will not be pleasant to everyone and process of a choice will even more be dragged out.


Can call the child about honor someone from relatives or by the name of mothers or fathers. Solve how to treat a popular belief that the child will repeat destiny of in honor of whom it is called. It can appear so, and can on the contrary.