Than artificial honey differs from the natural?

Than artificial honey differs from the natural?
Honey - very useful and valuable product. And though on our daily table it meets not so often, we remember its existence, it is only enough to catch a cold to us. The modern market offers us the widest choice of honey among which, it is possible to meet not only a natural product, but also its analogs. No, it is not about fakes at all, it is artificial honey. So, in what a difference between artificial honey and natural?
Artificial honey is received not from honeycombs, and from cane sugar, water-melon juice or corn. Sucrose is split by means of lemon acid, water is evaporated until mix does not thicken and will not turn yellow. Finally there is a new product with sweet taste and pleasant aroma.
This product carries the conditional name "honey melon", "honey water-melon", etc.
In this "honey" there are no those enzymes which are inherent in natural honey. It does not possess even a shred of that aroma which exhales the real honey. Therefore as a cough remedy - it is no good. But perfectly approaches as sweetener of dishes, owing to the good assimilation and long storage without zasakharivaniye.