How to close up a leak

How to close up a leak

The most widespread trouble in kitchen and in a bathroom for certain is considered the dripping crane. Besides that from the dripping crane in a night not one bucket can "flow out", it also awfully irritates with constant sounds of the dripping drops. In this case to call the plumber there is no need, after all it is possible to make work on elimination of a leak with own hand. Here is how it becomes.

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Laying change. In a water tap there is such thing which has property quickly to wear out. Especially quickly it wears out a floor influence of hot water. Dribble of the crane is result. You can make permanent laying which will serve to you more long usual several times, from the old car or motorcycle tire. It is better to cut out laying from lateral part of a tire (there the tire is thinner). Threads of a cord will give durabilities to the cut-out laying.


If leaks from a sealing ring, it is reparable. It is necessary in a flute for a sealing ring to lay on rounds a thread in some rounds. The ring is put on these threads. It stretches that leads to disappearance of a leak.


Polishing of a saddle of the crane. The saddle also quickly enough grows old, becoming the reason of a leak of a water tap. It is necessary to paste a waterproof skin on a bolt head, to clamp it in a cartridge of a mechanical (manual) drill and to grind a crane saddle. After this simple operation the leak will be eliminated, and crane service life considerably will increase.


Zabivaniye of a wooden insert. There are some more options which will help you to put a worn-out saddle of the crane in order. It is necessary to smooth out a saddle to gloss, to hammer a wooden insert into an opening of the valve then to fill in a defect place with the melted tin. Still option: it is necessary to rassverlit a saddle and to press (or to put on paint) in it the plug from brass. It is also possible to establish soft rubber laying, and also a metal shaybochka with openings on a valve saddle.


Replacement of a ringlet of an epiploon. Possibly to get rid of a leak from under a flywheel of a water tap if to change a rubber ringlet of an epiploon for the new. It is possible to make such ringlet of a stopper from a penicillinic flakonchik in which it is necessary to cut down a ringlet, being guided by the sizes of the worn-out ringlet. If to grind one edge of a metal tube, it can easily cut out an equal round opening in a rubber stopper. Height with an external size is adjusted by the razor. To remove an old epiploon and to insert new easiest a pricker.


Covering of a cone wax. If the crane which switches water in a bathtub or in a shower leaks, it is required to unscrew a crane cone, to cover it with a thin layer of wax, soap or dense greasing, and then to screw up a cone into place.


Production of cone-shaped laying. The hooting water tap it is possible "to pacify", having made cone-shaped laying. It is possible to cut out it them solid rubber, and then on a sandpaper to grind. Thus the crane not only will cease to hoot, but also the term of its service will increase many times over. It everything.