How to calculate a nutrition value

How to calculate a nutrition value

Quality of food includes many properties which characterize their nutrition and biological value, and also organoleptic, functional and technological, sanitary and hygienic signs. Foodstuff provides the person with energy and promotes a normal metabolism.

It is required to you

- table of power value of products.

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Modern ideas of qualitative and quantitative needs of the person for food are reflected in the concept of the balanced food. According to it for normal activity of people needs a certain amount of energy and feedstuffs: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids, mineral salts, vitamins and microcells. Many of the listed substances are irreplaceable, i.e. are not developed in an organism, though are necessary for the person.

For the characteristic of a food product define its general and element structure, establish degree of compliance of each component to a formula of the balanced food and find the so-called integrated it is fast. It is expressed in power units (on 3000 kcal) and reflects ability of this or that product to satisfy requirements of an organism for substances necessary for it.

Define for yourself the concept "nutrition value", it includes a quantitative ratio of feedstuffs in a product, the total power value and organoleptic characteristics of a product. Power value characterizes that part of energy which is emitted from food in the course of its biological oxidation in an organism. Depending on a sex, age, weight and an occupation the person needs to use daily from 600 to 5000 kcal per day. Carry out introspection of the way of life and, proceeding from it, calculate, how many for kcal to you it is necessary in day. Each type of products has different power value. For example, contains in 100 grams of meat products from 100 to 350 kcal.

Proteins in an organism are acquired for 84,5%, carbohydrates of 95,6%, fats – 94%. Considering the level of digestion of feedstuffs, calculate the power value of a product. At oxidation of 1 g of protein 4,00 kcal (16,7 KJ) of energy, fat - 9,00 kcal (37,7 KJ are allocated.), carbohydrates - 3,75 kcal (15,7 KJ).

Calculate a nutrition value of a product on a ratio of the general chemical composition of a product and its weight. Except a nutrition value in power expression, an important indicator of food is its biological value. It characterizes quality of a proteinaceous component of a product as a ratio of degree of balance of its amino-acid structure and level of digestibility and assimilation of protein in an organism.