How to bake beet

How to bake beet

Beet – the frequent guest on our table. It is useful vegetable in which to contain various vitamins and mineral substances, with its help it is possible to bring toxins and slags out of an organism. It contains such element, useful to youth of skin and health of bones, as quartz. Boiled, and especially, the baked beet keeps the main useful properties and qualities. The betaine containing in it at heat treatment does not collapse. For any dishes: salads, cream soups and carpaccio, it is possible to bake beet in house conditions.

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Wash out beet of the average size, cut off tails, dry a paper kitchen towel or a napkin.


Densely wrap each root crop in a foil and a toothpick do in it some openings.


On a small baking sheet lay out a layer of salt of a coarse grinding and put beet on it. Warm an oven, put in it a baking sheet with beet and bake it an hour and a half at a temperature 220os.


Switch off an oven, leave beet a little to cool down inside, let will stand minutes 30. After that it is quite ready to the use and it is possible to do the most various dishes of it.