How to stew pork with bacon and wine?

How to stew pork with bacon and wine?
Pork, stewed with bacon and wine has very juicy taste and surprising aroma. The dish simply prepares. Here recipe of preparation.

We will need the following ingredients: pulp of pork (grams three hundred), it is thin the cut bacon (gram hundred), salt, pepper, vegetable oil. We will need also fresh greens, two bay leaves and about one glass wine. It is better to take wine dry (red or white - all the same), one bulb (large), three zubk of garlic and a handful of walnuts.

For a start we need to roast bacon and to melt from it excess fat. Slices it is displayed on a dry hot frying pan. On slow fire slightly to roast them. As soon as our bacon is reddened, we add the onions cut by half rings to a frying pan. We fry.
Pork we wash meat, we cut in stripes or cubes. We add to a frying pan of vegetable oil and meat. We stir, salts, we pepper and we fry meat.
Five minutes later we add laurel leaves to meat and we pour in wine. We stir and reduce fire. We cover a frying pan. We stew meat to readiness, and right at the end it is necessary to add chopped garlic and the crushed nuts to meat.
We decorate ready meat with bacon with greens.