How to remove the computer from the working group

How to remove the computer from the working group

At control of a local network input of such parameter as "the working group of the computer" is required. However further some users need to change these parameters, or it is simple to remove. In this regard there is a question: "How to remove the computer from the working group"?

It is required to you

- computer;
- rights of the administrator.

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Despite all difficulties, this problem is solved by several elementary actions on the computer. On a desktop of the personal computer press a label under the name "My Computer". Further right-click in the middle of an open window and select the Properties item. This menu reflects in itself all parameters and settings of an operating system.


Now select the Computer Name item. Below a name there will be a tab in which the current group of the computer is written. For change or removal of the working group of the computer press the Change button. If it is necessary to remove completely record, leave the entry field empty, and press the Keep button. However It should be notedIt should be noted that by default it is possible to leave the working group under the name GROUP.


Computer name which is registered there, try not to touch. Also it will be possible to check at any time, in what group there is your computer, and what files are open for the general use on a local network. For this purpose pass into the Network Environment menu. Further press the "Display Computers of the Working Group" button. If you are not in one of joint open groups, the system will simply give out a mistake.


In general it is possible to tell that removal of the working group on the personal computer does not take a lot of time. Try to make the most optimum name of the working group of the computer that in the subsequent it was not necessary to change it. In the Windows operating system by default always there is a WORKGROUP working group. That is it is possible to assume that on many computers of group coincide and therefore additional control of system is not always necessary.