How to pitch skis

How to pitch skis

Before updating wooden skis, they need to be impregnated with pitch carefully. It will make your acquisition steadier against wear, will secure material against drying and cracking. Further it is necessary to apply greasing regularly - by each preparation of a sports equipment for a new season. Tarring of the sliding surface is of particular importance in the spring when the melting snow starts sticking to skis and disturbs the normal movement.

It is required to you

- ski pitch (birch tar);
- emery paper;
- a brush with brass stuffing;
- a remover for ointment;
- synthetic rags;
- gas torch (soldering iron, gas stove, fire);
- brush;
- soil and ointment for a continence (or a serebryanka);
- strut;
- protective gloves.

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Prepare the wooden sliding surface of skis for processing by pitch. Walk on it a fine-grained emery paper, and then – a brush with brass stuffing. It is also possible to wash out skis a special remover for ointment, to clear rags from synthetics and to allow them to dry out properly (some amateur skiers omit the last procedure).


Warm skis by means of a gas torch, a soldering iron or it is simple over a flame of a fire is will increase the absorbing ability of greasing. Act carefully not to burn, and do not overdo – differently you bend or char the sports equipment.


Pour special ski pitch on skis and a brush smear it to all surface and a fillet a thin layer. It is possible to replace this means with birch tar. You should not rub skis with a paraffin candle – usually after that they too strongly slide, especially uphill.


Skilled skiers recommend to leave the stock tarred by the first layer of greasing for days at rest that they well became impregnated; then it is possible to start their warming up.


Drive a torch over the tarred skis (or the sliding surface over fire) quickly and evenly not to burn any site of wood. Heat pitch until it becomes brown.


Wipe stock a synthetic rag and repeat tarring procedure 2-3 more times. Pay special attention to lighter sites, and also forward and back zones. Correctly pitched skis to the touch have to be absolutely dry.


Before preparation of new skis for a winter season after greasing pitch recommends to apply also on the sliding surface special soil, and then – ointment for a continence. Select means in sporting goods store for the current weather conditions and act, according to the instruction. In warm weather for prevention "sublinden" of snow it is possible to cover skis with a so-called serebryanka (one part of aluminum powder and two parts of paraffin).