How to treat the beloved

How to treat the beloved

It is considered to be that women and men – people from different planets. Actually between them it is much bigger the general, than can seem at first sight – enough only to try to understand the partner of an opposite sex. To reach mutual understanding with the man if you the woman, it is not difficult at all – for this purpose it is necessary to want to create the harmonious relations and to conform to some rules.

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Avoid disputes. There is no more senseless occupation, than to argue with the man and to convince him that it is not right even if it is really not right. Most of men painfully react to situations in which the woman calls into question their man's authority and leadership on a family. Therefore your task – to help the man to find self-confidence, and also that you respect him and recognize his leadership and correctness.


Do not tire the man with excessive quantity of requests if they do not concern something important. If you pull the man on any trifle, be not surprised that you cannot reach mutual understanding. Carry out independently those actions which do not demand big efforts, and the man ask to perform a difficult and laborious work – he with pleasure will agree to help you that you are incapable to make the hands.


To you it is necessary not only to respect wisdom of the man, but also to be the wise woman – be tactful, know that it is possible to do and that it is impossible, and also try to influence the man when he is in very good mood or on the contrary, demands your support and the help a difficult minute. You should not demand something from the hungry and tired man – previously let's it have a rest and feed him with a dinner.


Create in your family the atmosphere of mutual trust, but despite it, judge the man on his acts, but not by words. That it does, speaks about its character much more, than about what he tells you.


Be for the man womanly and attractive – even then when about something ask him. Your requests have to be veiled behind a mask of flirtation or a coquetry. Communicate with the man tenderly, and he will reciprocate to you.


Accept the partner such what he is actually. Do not set the task to change it – any man will not be glad if learns that it want to change for own convenience.


Communicate with each other and learn about each other is will allow you to become closer as much as possible and to understand each other. From time to time try to see things from the man's position, get up on his place, try to present yourself to its roles to come nearer to its mentality, so to reach the best understanding. And at last, do not deceive the man – be with him extremely sincerely not to break the trust created between you.