How to adjust a geyser

How to adjust a geyser

Geysers are devices which heat water by means of a torch, maintaining constantly its temperature. Installation of geysers depends on their structure. There are some types of data of devices which differ on a structure, and, respectively, and on a control system.

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The first modification – a geyser with pyezorozzhigy. To kindle such column, one hand press the button which opens the gas valve of a zapalnik, and press the second on the button of a pyezorozzhig. The ignition torch will be lit from an electric spark which creates a piezoelement. After there is a flame, hold the pressed button within 10-15 seconds. At this time the thermocouple which regulates a flame will heat up. To change water heater power, move the runner, and for adjustment of water temperature – rotate the regulator handle.


The second modification – a column with automatic electroignition (for example, a column of the Neva brand). It works by the following principle: the electronic scheme of a water heater at emergence of water gives a signal for opening of the valve of a zapalnik, creating at the same time electric charge for kindling of a zapalnik. In that case gas to be saved practically for 25% as there is no the constant burning zapalnik.


To include a column, simply press the electric switch. And for regulation of water temperature and power of a flame, change position of the rotating handles on the regulator. Find optimum position of the regulator and record it, next time it will join already with the adjusted settings. Watch the indicator on the column panel: if it started shining, it testifies that replacement of batteries on which the electric circuit of a column feeds is necessary.

The third modification – a column with the built-in ignition from the hydrogenerator. Such devices are supplied with the multipurpose LCD display on which you can see at the same time all necessary information, including the water temperature and messages on the arisen mistakes. All elements of management on a column are convenient in use and differ in ergonomic design and clarity. Therefore stop the choice on this modification if you want to receive a maximum of conveniences and simplicity in management of a column.