How to pound vodka at a temperature

How to pound vodka at a temperature

For a long time to bring down temperature used grindings. Vodka, water or acetic acid. Grinding really helps to remove heat without drug intake inside. Whether it is always necessary to force down temperature? When temperature rises – the organism struggles with viruses and an infection. It is necessary to force down her only when on the thermometer there are more than 38 degrees. Many people have a temperature increase even to 38,5 does not cause serious inconveniences therefore, first of all understand the temperature increase reasons, and already then start it forcing down. In this article we will consider how to pound vodka at a temperature.

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Put the patient to bed, provide him the most comfortable conditions. It now needs rest and silence.


When heat begins – a lot of liquid therefore it is necessary to drink more evaporates. The cranberry or crimson drink, tea with a lemon, broth of a dogrose or compote will fill a sick organism with liquid and vitamins which are so necessary during an illness.


Regularly air the room where there is a patient. Temperature in the room has to be 19-21 degrees. But do not allow drafts!


Now undress the patient and prepare solution for rubdown. To dissolve vodka with water 1:1, to moisten in it a soft napkin and it is careful, the easy movements promakivay the patient's body, since hands, then under mice, a thorax, avoiding heart areas, a stomach, feet (not to touch inguinal area!), we overturn the patient on a stomach, we rub off a back, buttocks, feet.


It is a little to obduyta of the patient with the hair dryer. Air should not be hot, but also blowing is not allowed by too cold air. Blowing lasts no more than 1 minute


Put the patient back to bed and put on a forehead the compress moistened in cool water periodically moistening it that it remained cool.