How to pump up a press till summer

How to pump up a press till summer

To have a sports view presently of cars and elevators not so simply. Even in case of regular campaigns to the sports hall often the shape spoils the acting tummy. Usually we are reconciled with this shortcoming, but only not in the summer when the torso comes to bare time. Feeling approach of a warm season, many start thinking convulsively how to pump up a press. It is quickly possible to make it, it is only necessary to strengthen muscles by means of exercises, and also to burn fat and to reconsider the diet which led to formation of surplus around a stomach.

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So, we are adjusted on everyday performance of a set of exercises. Here the first of them. Lay down on a back, cross hands on a breast, and raise feet and the head with shoulders a little. Then bend knees and try to approach closer the head with shoulders to feet, without tearing off a back from a floor. Return to a starting position.


Lay down on a floor on a stomach, put a foot of feet under a sofa or a bed that they kept (record). Stuff up hands for the head and start bending a back as much as possible. Thus take away the head back as it is possible further, and straighten shoulders more widely.


Lay down on a back, put shins on a bed or a sofa, stuff up hands for the head. Raise the head and shoulders, as much as possible approaching them to knees. Represent that you - a rug which is twisted – from the head to feet.


Lay down on a back, put hands near a body. Raise direct feet and pull them for the head as it is possible further. Thus too tear off buttocks from a floor – involving muscles, but it is not sharp, at one stroke. The waist has to be motionless.


Think over the menu. It is necessary to reduce the consumed calories, to refuse the sweet, fat, flour, excess use of salt. To drink more liquids, is in the small portions, but on 5-6 times a day.