How to prepare stewed vegetable marrows with egg?

How to prepare stewed vegetable marrows with egg?
During a season of vegetable marrows this dish can be prepared almost daily, instead of an ordinary omelet or as a garnish for any meat dish. Low-calorie, easy and at the same time nourishing – that as is necessary for summer.

That is required from products

One vegetable marrow (weight to half a kilogram)
Two eggs
Vegetable oil
Salt and black ground pepper to taste
Some tablespoons of milk (or waters)
Greens of parsley or fennel


To cut a vegetable marrow in small cubes or thin brusochka (as carrot or beet). In a frying pan to warm a little vegetable oil, to lay out vegetable marrows and on quite strong fire to evaporate liquid. Vegetable marrows it is desirable to stir slowly constantly that did not stick and did not burn slightly. When vegetable marrows become transparent, and liquid will evaporate, to add some salt, pepper, it is possible to strew with favourite spices.

To shake up eggs with milk, to salt to taste, to add small cut greens and to fill in with this mix vegetable marrows. It is possible to leave as is and it is simple to cover or quickly to mix vegetable marrows with egg and under a cover to bring to readiness. Tasty and so, and so. At will it is possible to add onions to such omelet, it needs to be fried before in a frying pan vegetable marrows give all the best. Further – according to the recipe.