How to paste a background in an aquarium

How to paste a background in an aquarium

If the background of big aquariums often represents volume scenery from polyurethane, with the small the situation is much more simply. It is easy to recreate a small site of the underwater world by means of a rolled decorative background which can be got in any specialized shop.

It is required to you

- a rolled background for an aquarium;
- special colourless glue;
- plastic pallet;
- glycerin;
- silicone or sealant.

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The background can be pasted both with internal, and from outer side of aquarian glass. Usually it has no self-adhesive basis. If you want to place it from outer side, wash up glass any special means. Carefully wipe.

Cut off the background picture to the necessary size. Get special transparent glue, for example, of JBL Fixol. He allows to perform qualitatively work, without destroying thus typographical paint. With time and at desire the picture can be replaced easily, having slightly warmed glue.

Apply with the plastic pallet glue on external to a surface of back glass. Distribute an even layer. Paste and properly iron at first one edge of the picture. Gradually move ahead to the opposite edge of a background. Smooth it and expel vials of air and surplus of glue the same plastic pallet. All process is well controlled from a reverse side of glass. Pay special attention to edges of the picture as they come unstuck first of all. Carefully remove surplus of glue.

If you could not get glue, paste a background by means of glycerin or any mineral oil. Working procedures same, as well as in the first case.

It is possible to fix a background on an external surface of glass, having simply pasted it an adhesive tape. It is necessary to consider, however, that water can get to an interval between glass and a background film, and density of a prileganiye of the last in different places will not be identical. The visual perception of the picture will be distorted thus.

For installation from the inside of an aquarium the special, covered with a protective film background is issued. It looks much more effectively usual and long does not lose the brightness of paints. For gluing use sealant or silicone which apply on glass perimeter.