How to insert video into the message

How to insert video into the message

Among those who has the blogs, it is often possible to hear the same questions: "how to import video to a post?", "how to insert video into the message", etc. Actually, when using known video storage youtube, the task considerably becomes simpler since this action will take only some minutes.

It is required to you

- the Internet browser with the established flash-player;
- a personal page on the blogger platform.

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If you have a personal page on the site, it is possible to insert any video from the site "YouTube" belongs to the Google company as well as a network of the blogs Bloger therefore import of video is carried out quite simply. A few years ago when copying the reference to the video image registration for "YouTube" was required, now all in a different way and process of copying of the reference is simplified several times.


Pass to the page from video which you would like to add on the page and press the Build in or Send button. In the opened window there is a number of settings which allow to improve appearance of the added look, for example, color of a background on which there will be a videoplayer. It is necessary to be guided by a background of the message (page) to which video will be added.


Further it is possible to choose the size of the player, everything depends on width of the column which is taken away for blog entries. If you do not know width of a column of messages, leave value by default, the player will be automatically adjusted to the sizes of your personal page.


It was necessary to copy a code of a player and to insert it in the blog. Create new record and press the Change HTML button. In the opened window insert the copied code. If you want that video settled down in the middle of the page, at the beginning of a code put a tag, and at the end put a tag.


For viewing of the changes made to the message press the Preview button. If everything arranges, press the Publish the Message button, differently press the Hide Preview button for further editing.


At the wrong display of video on the page, it is necessary to replace its size. There is no sense again to look for that video and to specify the necessary amount of display. In the code of the video there is a width value (width), set new value and see the received result.