How to install the traffic light

How to install the traffic light

All its participants are interested in traffic safety. Traffic lights can provide it, but they often are not enough. In small settlements the situation on streets happens not less intense, than in megalopolises. Local governments not always with due consideration treat installation of traffic lights. But inhabitants can initiate it.

It is required to you

- statistical data from traffic police;
- the letter from inhabitants;
- plan of the area or settlement.

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Find out, in whose maintaining there are traffic lights in your city or the settlement. It is possible to make it in local governments. In the large cities special departments or committees of road economy are engaged in it. In small settlements where functions of different administrative structures are often combined, departments of improvement, transport, etc. can resolve similar issues. Learn also, whether the traffic light already necessary for you is included in the address program. Such programs are developed by local administration, and approves their Council of deputies.

Look at statistics of traffic police. It is not the classified information, it can be found in newspapers or on the official site of local department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In the majority of office of traffic police inform the population not only on quantity of road accidents, but also on places where they occur most often. Anyway installation of the traffic light soglasoavatsya with security services of traffic so it is possible to get support of inspection in advance.

Write the letter to local governments. Specify the reasons for which installation of the traffic light in the place offered by you is necessary. Such reasons can be not only frequent road accidents, but also existence a number of school, nursing home, establishment with mass stay of people. It is especially important for small the settlement divided into two parts by the large route. Inhabitants often even in shop cannot descend without danger to life. The you will specify more thorough reasons, the better. Offer recrosses or the crosswalk where it is possible to install the traffic light. Do not forget to consider that to this place there are certain requirements, and the traffic light has to conform to state standards.

Collect signatures of inhabitants. It is better if the subscription list is issued proper. Enter surnames, names and middle names of inhabitants, addresses, contact phones, passport data, date of filling. It is possible to accept the corresponding appeal to local governments at a village assembly or meeting of residents of a city apartment house. Apply statistics of traffic police on this site of the road.

Send the address the registered mail with the assurance of receipt or report it to authorities through the secretariat. In this case do not forget to ask to make the copy the vised letter. It is possible to address to local governments by e-mail or through the official site. However keep in mind that feedback is provided not everywhere.

Do not wait that the traffic light will be put immediately. On it some time will be required. The head of local administration has to issue the relevant resolution. Installation of the traffic light needs to be coordinated with office of traffic police as the scheme of the movement will change. In small settlements it is necessary to put the corresponding sum in account part of the budget. The budget is adopted, in turn, by deputies of local council. Then competition by definition of the contractor, and only will be announced after that the traffic light so necessary to you will appear at the dangerous intersection. Your task in this situation — whenever possible to accelerate process. For this purpose it is necessary to control a way of your address. In big cities where traffic lights and road signs are under authority of any large specialized organization, process takes slightly less time.