How to spread out video on shots

How to spread out video on shots

"Shots solve everything" as it was told in the old Soviet movie. However, in this situation it will be a question a little of other shots but which have also a direct bearing on a cinema. Namely – we will talk how to spread out video on shots.

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So, for a start it is necessary to stock up with patience and to make full audit of the programs installed on the computer and available on any external carriers for the purpose of finding of the Sony Vegas program. If search results showed that it is not present there, in other place, reasonable will be to find it in any available way and to establish on the computer.


The first part is executed. The program is installed. Literally some words about Sony Vegas. This program is one of priority video editors. Thanks to the intuitively clear interface. The beginner can work with Vegas even. But we will pass from words directly to business.


Having started the program, it is possible to find out that the window is opened on all screen. For simplification of work it is necessary to minimize the appeared window at least to a half of the previous size. Then we choose the video file, we clamp the left button of a mouse and we move in a program window until near the cursor there is no small sign of plus. It will announce that here copying is authorized.


Now it is possible to reflect how to spread out video on shots. But everything is simple. That place where copying of the file was made, is called as the trimmer. Here it is possible to make various editing actions.


And, at last, we pass to desirable, namely - to decomposition to shots. For this purpose it is required to guide the cursor at this line and to scroll a mouse castor in different directions. The file will contract that, to increase in length. Our task – to stretch video distinctly to see each separately taken shot. Having clicked the chosen moment with the cursor, it will be possible to see it on the black screen which is over the trimmer. And after that with the chosen shot it is possible to do anything.