How to play a camomile

How to play a camomile

Cheerful interesting game for any company. Version all favourite entertainment "Forfeits". Depending on age playing, tasks can have any character – from simple forfeits of the utter a crow type or "to represent someone" to the erotic.

It is required to you

Paper camomile, cheerful company

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Cut out a camomile from dense paper, on a reverse side of white petals write tasks, attach to a wall or spread out a flower on a table.

In turn players tear off petals and, having read a task, carry out it. If playing much, it is possible to be divided into teams and to perform tasks collectively.

Here examples of tasks for game: to think up dance of little pigs, little bear cubs, etc. (by analogy with "Dance of little ducklings"); to read the poem with different intonation (sadly, cheerfully, it is angry, mysterious); to low, utter a crow or progavkat a song.

Adults can suggest to play a pantomime (to represent the well-known actors, heroes of fairy tales or the parody to mutual friends), to sing a children's song, having clamped a small subject in a mouth, to draw a portrait someone from participants, to dance lambada, to sing a chastushka, to cry out something ridiculous from a balcony, etc.

For the "warm" company – to dance a striptease, to transfer each other a bagel by means of the pencils clamped in a mouth, to drink with the neighbor "on brudershaft", to kiss, call the friend (girlfriend) and to play it, to drink a champagne glass without hands