How to keep the reporting

How to keep the reporting

Between journalists always was and there is an intense competition in fight for superinteresting, naisvezhayshy news which can become sensation. There are certain cunnings of creation of the good reporting.

It is required to you

- plan of carrying out reporting;
- information on the persons participating in it;
- dictophone;
- camera.

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Make in advance the list of questions which you will ask the interrogated people. You have to remember them by heart constantly not to look in a crib.

If the large-scale enterprise is planned, prepare the detailed list with names and surnames of those whom you are going to interview. It is quite good to own about them though any part of information: that it for people, than they are engaged that the remarkable was brought by them in this or that sphere of development of society.

Show activity and persistence, be always on the alert. If you do not know when and where there will be an object interesting you, take the most favorable place as soon as possible, sharp-sightedly watch the arriving colleagues.

As soon as your purpose appears in an availability zone, safely "come" with a victorious call - call the person who interests you, by name. Do not forget that you entered fierce competition with a great number of journalists.

Be not afraid to show improvisation miracles. If, for example, the person behaves not as you expected that, try to reduce everything to a joke, humour - an excellent way to smooth any acute angles.

Conducting any survey, do not forget about ethical standards, it is not necessary to impose to the person those questions which he does not want to answer. Be able to transfer conversation to other course tactfully.

Try to keep friendly with your colleagues journalists. After all the situation can be very changeable and, perhaps, any news concerning your work will come to you from them.

Maintaining the reporting, as a rule, assumes the address to the audience or radio listeners. Be ready to that without excessive fussiness, accurately and distinctly to deliver the prepared speech.

Do not forget about the additional accompanying technical means of ensuring covering of an event (for example, about a dictophone or a camera).

Constrain the emotions in the course of maintaining the reporting, especially negative, remember that a faint smile and a quiet benevolent look – the best card of the good reporter.