How to grow up a huge crop

How to grow up a huge crop

Many summer residents dream to grow up a huge crop, but it is interfered by the size of a personal plot. Whether everything is so bad how it seems? Of course, no, after all if it is correct to look after vegetable cultures, they yield a good harvest. Main to do everything in time and not to be lazy.

It is required to you

- manure or humus;
- urea;
- Adrianych;
- means for pest control.

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All vegetables which need to be grown up seedling, put at the end of winter of the house in boxes. Optimum terms are specified on bags with seeds. During growth of seedling do not forget to feed up it mineral fertilizers, otherwise it will grow the weak. If not to sow seeds in the period of cold weather, and to make it directly in an open ground after occurrence of heat, the crop will be small.


Fertilize the earth in a kitchen garden before disembarkation of seedling. Manure or humus will be suitable for this purpose, but they need to be brought in soil to a vskopka, differently plants can burn down as these fertilizers give not only nutrients, but also warmly.


During growth of plants water them with urea solution. Read a method of application and doses on packing. Urea promotes the fastest growth of greens and is applied to prepare vegetable cultures for blossoming or infructescence.


As soon as plants blossom, start feeding up them the Adrianych fertilizer. It helps rapid growth of fruits and increase in their weight, after all the poor harvest is observed because of infertile soils which already ran low and cannot give to plants everything that is necessary.


Surely weed landings, weeds disturb the normal growth of vegetables and shade them, and after all they need the sun. After weeding loosen the earth, but do not water it this day. It is better to carry out watering on following when the small grass which was not pulled out, is lost. Try to water daily in dry weather - the mass of vegetables directly depends on moisture.


Process plants from wreckers. For this purpose get special preparations in gardening shop. When greens are damaged, the plant starts hurting, and respectively productivity decreases.


Well and of course, do not reap the harvest ahead of time, after all in the last days of growth vegetables gain weight. After collecting place vegetables in the dry and cleared cellar.