How to prepare donuts

How to prepare donuts

Donuts - it is unconditional, one of the most favourite kinds of house pastries from barmy or other types of dough.

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To prepare donuts magnificent and gentle, you should not forget that preparation of this delicacy will demand from you a certain skill and is the extremely sensitive to violations of several simple requirements.

The flour for donuts is necessary surely svezheproseyanny and warm. Yeast for dough take the freshest, with good viability. Both the support, and the cut dough need to be protected strictly even from insignificant cooling and the more so from drafts. Hot fan in which you will fry donuts has to be well perekalenny and absolutely pure. During preparation of donuts it is necessary to observe most precisely measures of products and sequence of their bookmark, following the recipe. And the last - donuts you should not store long. Best of all, having taken out them from hot fan, at once to eat.

You can prepare donuts with a sweet stuffing on one of ancient Moscow recipes.

For production of dough it will be required to you:

1 glass of milk 1 tablespoon of sugar 35 gr. yeast 500 gr. flour 75 gr. margarine or butter 4 yolks, ground cinnamon and other spices salt - to taste of 2 tablespoons of rum or liqueur Part with milk yeast and a flour, knead dough, leave it to rise in heat a place for 2 hours. It is better to knead dough more liquidly, then donuts will be more tasty. Beat out the risen dough a rake, add salt, margarine or butter, cinnamon and other spices. Well knead dough and put back in a warm place for half an hour-hour then lay out on a board, halve, approximately, and a raskataytena equal layers. On one put a stuffing from fruit jelly or dense jam, counting on 25 donuts, approximately on one teaspoon of a stuffing. After that from above cover the filled layer with the second and cut out donuts. Carefully close up edges, spread out on the leaf powdered with a flour and leave in heat a place a little more to rise. It is necessary to fry donuts as soon as possible, without allowing them to rise strongly that dough did not lose the force. Lowering in hot hot fan on five-six donuts at once, fry them on light fire, overturning on one in evenly boiling fat. Take out ready donuts on napkins, powder from above with icing sugar with cinnamon, shift to a dish and give hot.