How to get rid of a strip on a stomach

How to get rid of a strip on a stomach

The stomach is considered one of the most problem sites of a body: as soon as you gain weight a little, it at once becomes visible on a condition of your stomach. Even couple of days of immoderation in food can lead to emergence of a paunch. It is necessary to get rid of a fatty layer on a stomach in a complex.

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Change food. Without decrease in caloric content of your diet even in the presence of intensive physical activity you will not achieve success. Exclude sweets, fat and fried food. Drink a lot of water, vegetable and fruit juice. Clear the intestines, eating every day a big portion of crude vegetables, having breakfast porridge and having supper a glass of kefir.

Swing a press. Fat from a stomach leaves slowly and long but if you combine a diet and regular exercises, business will go quicker. You need to pump over muscles of an average and the lower press therefore choose exercises attentively. Be hooked by feet for edge of a sofa or the battery and lift the case so highly as will be able – in an ideal the corner between a body and feet has to be direct.

Do "bicycle", connecting an elbow of the left hand and a knee of the right foot, and vice versa. If you pull at the same time the feet bent in knees to a breast, and to raise the top part of a trunk with hands, zakinuty for the head, your average press will receive good loading.

Raise direct feet, having extended on a floor – the body thus has to remain motionless, hands have to lie freely along a trunk. Repeat each of exercises till 10-16 times is for beginners. Gradually increase number of repetitions that muscles worked, fat left and your stomach became relyefny. For the period of trainings wrap up a stomach a polyethylene film or put on the special dragging-away belt.

Do massages and wrappings. To strengthen exchange processes in cages, intensify blood circulation by means of a light massage. Watch that your hands moved strictly on area of fatty deposits, that is lines of a navel are slightly lower. It is impossible to mass a stomach in the lower departments. Your movements have to be soft, smooth, and use of essential oils will strengthen effect.

Honey massage will allow to get rid of tsellyulitny dimples, and streams of water will tighten skin and muscles. You can also use special jars by which do anti-cellulite massage – oil skin and drive on it banks, creating effect of vacuum. After massage apply on skin means with liftingovy effect to consolidate result.