How to open a karaoke of bars

How to open a karaoke of bars

Many people, even without being able to sing, very much like it to do. Therefore if to choose between usual restaurant and a karaoke in bar, the visitor, most likely, will choose the last. Not in all cities there are karaokes bars therefore opening of such institution is rather perspective business.

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The starting capital is simply necessary to open the club specialized by a karaoke. Think of that. in what way will finance the business. Possibly, it will be the bank credit.


For opening of a karaoke of bar choose good location (it is desirable in the central part of the city), modern design, the equipped kitchen, the presentable menu.


As the owner of a karaoke of bar, carry out dialogue with municipal administrative inspections - fire service and SES. Receive all allowing documents for the business. Also the solution of various legal questions, control of employees, and also all nuances which are connected with creation of the corresponding club atmosphere belongs to duties of the owner.


Be engaged in acquisition of the professional sound equipment. This karaoke installation, amplifiers, columns. At the expense of it the estimate of the project can increase by some tens of thousands of dollars. Remember that without good and qualitative sound your institution will hardly become popular.


To attract as much as possible clients, arrange regular competitions in a karaoke. To take part in such competition visitors have to pay a certain sum of money. The winner of competition in turn receives a prize fund which, for example, makes a half of the total amount received from all participants. And the rest of means makes your income as organizer of business. Also lease a karaoke for various holidays and celebrations – weddings, birthdays, etc.