How to prepare mustard bread?

How to prepare mustard bread?
Love fragrant house hlebushka? I offer the recipe of mustard bread which prepares on sour milk.

That is required for preparation

About 600 grams of a flour
20 grams of fresh yeast
200 ml. milk
Half of a teaspoon of salt
Mustard teaspoon
Sugar pinch
Four tablespoons of mayonnaise
One egg white


Warm up milk, put yeast and sugar. Stir, wait so far yeast slightly will rise (on milk there will be bubbles). Then put mayonnaise and mustard.
In a bowl sift 400 grams of a flour, pour in barmy mix, add salt. Knead dough, put it in heat. When dough rises, press down it and add hundred more grams of a flour, vent dough once again.
Lay out dough on a baking sheet (it lay paper for pastries, strew paper with the remained flour), create a long loaf or round bread. Make on it cross cuts a knife, cover, leave in heat for rise.
Beat egg white with a spoon of cold water. Grease bread and put in the oven warmed to 220 degrees. In 15 minutes lower temperature to 180 degrees and bake bread to a ruddy crust.