How to put money in a purse

How to put money in a purse

People often treat money as to the animated substance which demands to itself respectful respect and continued care. Not all from us, of course, are capable to admit that they think quite so, but after all prevents to execute nothing simply some order in the handling of money. The rituals which developed in centuries are not difficult, so why not to adhere to them, storing money in a purse?

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For a start, pay attention to the purse. That it was not a shame to store in it not simply money, and big money which you will earn, it has to be beautiful and convenient, made of natural materials. Give preference to a strong genuine leather, it is better than "monetary" flowers – red, brown, yellow, gray. The size of a purse has to be spacious for money that paper notes could be placed in it, without bending. In a purse there have to be some offices in which it is possible to spread out money on a formation.


Put money on decrease, starting with larger notes. They have to lie in a purse the first, the face to you, the owner. The face – where is put a series of the note and its number. Money should not be stored "head over heels", such relation will not be pleasant to anybody. All notes have to be developed and accurately smoothed.


Store a trifle in a separate pocket and too try not to carry it in pockets, at once clean in a purse. Put a coin mascot or the first earned note in secret office. It is possible to put a banknote of one American dollar. On it the Masonic sign of money – a pyramid and an eye is drawn. Such "grist" will never help you to leave a purse empty, it is a sign, bad for money.


That money was found constantly, it is considered, what it is necessary to accept them the left hand, and to give to the right. Give the borrowed money in the mornings and, it is desirable, notes smaller, than took. Do not give the note in expanded form, before it they should be put and stretched the put ends forward.


Try, having received the earned money to bring them home and not to spend in the first day, on the road from work. Money, especially big, has to at least night, spend the night in your house "to get used". And purely psychologically, next day you will make purchases more after careful consideration that too will help you to preserve the money.