How to prepare paste with mushroom sauce

How to prepare paste with mushroom sauce
How to prepare paste with mushroom sauce

Mushroom sauce is quite capable to impact to paste so unusual relish that quite appropriate will be to give such, apparently, everyday dish and to a holiday table. For this purpose it is only necessary to take qualitative products, and to decorate a ready dish with greens of parsley or fennel and halves of cherry tomatoes.

The preparation time of 24 minutes is required to you 250 g of fresh mushrooms; 1 small bulb; 2 garlic gloves; 1 bunch of parsley; 50 g sl. oils; 100 ml of white dry wine; 3 tablespoons of cream; salt pepper; 100 g of cheese; it is a little parmesan; 400-500 g of tagliatelle. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Prepare Paste with Mushroom Sauce" How to make macaroni in a Neapolitan way How to make macaroni in a Venetian way How to make macaroni with broccoli and tomatoes


For preparation of a dish it is best of all to take the fresh forest mushrooms possessing strong aroma and not needing preliminary boiling. For example, cepes or chanterelles. As a last resort, it is possible to take also usual champignons from a supermarket, but it is necessary to be ready that on taste the dish will turn out more fresh and not such fragrant. Therefore in case of lack of fresh mushrooms, it is better to use dried especially as it will be required them very little, there will be 30-40 grams enough.

Clean mushrooms, well wash out them and wet for 1 hour in warm water.

Peel onions and garlic, carefully crush them by means of a knife. From a bunch of parsley pinch off all leaves, cut with thin ribbons. Kindle 30 g of butter in a frying pan, pripustit on it prepared garlic with onions to a light yellow shade.

Carefully wring out mushrooms from surplus of water, cut small slices and send to a frying pan to the pining onions and garlic, slightly fry them. Do not pour out the water which remained from mushrooms, it still is useful to you.

In the fried mushrooms pour in white wine and extinguish until it is not evaporated. If for a dish you took dried mushrooms, add to a frying pan and the set aside water in which you presoaked them. Otherwise mushrooms will not have liquid, they will remain hardish. Add parsley to almost ready sauce, fill it with cream, salt, pepper then fire under a frying pan can be switched off.

With such sauce it is possible it is possible to give any kind of paste, but it is best of all to take tagliatelle – wide, long noodles. Boil it in the boiling added some salt water to a condition of al-dente. This word designate such degree of readiness of pasta when those already almost cooked and only the core at them remains slightly dampish.

Merge water from ready tagliatelle, shift macaroni in the warmed-up bowl. Add to them any young grated cheese, 2 tablespoons of parmesan and the remained 30 g of butter.

Well mix everything. Spread out on plates, flavor from above with the prepared mushroom sauce and at once give to a table.