How to reel up flax on a carving

How to reel up flax on a carving

To reach durability and tightness of connection, builders and plumbers apply flax or special linen tow which is reeled up on a carving of butt elements in the work. To reach really desirable results, it is important to know how to reel up flax on a carving correctly.

It is required to you

- tow (flax);
- silicone;
- sanitary key.

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Prepare connecting elements, previously having smoothed out them from a rust if suddenly such is available. For this purpose it is possible to use an emery paper of small granularity. Removing a rust, be attentive, do not damage a carving.

Take tow and separate a small strip of fibers which straighten on all length from the main bunch. Fibers has to be enough that connection turned out dense, but not hard, otherwise at temperature increase, for example, in a heating pipe, the junction can simply burst. Besides, surplus of flax will be squeezed out from a threaded connection at assembly, and it, almost for certain, will become the reason of a new leak.

Pay attention that pipelines with the carving cut by the screw die, as a rule, have rather rough surface, and here a fitting with a smooth surface should be prepared. For this purpose by means of a sanitary key or a trihedral file put small notches over a carving.

Take flax, and apply the end of fiber to the edge of a carving. Start reeling up tow in the opposite direction from twisting of a nut. It is necessary to reel up so that each subsequent round densely pressed itself previous. If linen fiber was not enough for a covering of all carving, take one more bunch.

Over fiber which is reeled up on a carving, apply a thin film of silicone or special paste: it will allow to reach tightness of connection.

Twist a carving while silicone did not polymerize yet. Remember, before the end of this chemical reaction there are 8-10 minutes. To consolidate that small amount of tow which remains outside of connection, there is no sense - sealant will well hold flax. However, the plumbers working with metal pipes sometimes simply singe the end of a bunch. It is not recommended to do the house.